The Catskill Jazz Factory is an invaluable organization in the Hudson Valley — part incubator, part presenter, with a stated dedication to cultivating new artists and audiences for the music.
— Nate Chinen

The Catskill Jazz Factory has been a fundamental part of the development of my big band over the past year, and has made possible some extremely unique and exciting writing and playing opportunities that no other organization like it does. If this is what can happen in the short years since its conception, I can't wait to see where it will go.

— Steven Feifke, pianist, composer, bandleader

“Nothing short of life changing.”

The week I spent at the Catskill Jazz Factory was nothing short of life changing.  The work and dedication that everyone put into it was inspiring. I'm not going to mention anyone, because there weren't that many people involved. Everyone knows everyone. Yet, with such few people something so beautiful took place. I'm in eternal gratitude.

— Tissa Khosla, saxophonist

“It's all about showing them how this music is the fabric of our lives.”

Having opportunities to share jazz music with younger people has helped to refine my communication skills.  It's all about showing them how this music is the fabric of our lives.  Music and life are one in the same, and the technical details we have to learn and master are really just a vehicle for effectively communicating the music to our audience. 

— Dominick Farinacci, trumpeter, educator

Catskill Jazz Factory is a gift to the jazz community. They offer the rare opportunity for artists to develop and showcase new work in incredible spaces. They've been incredibly encouraging to us and we can't wait to come back again soon.

— Sammy Miller, The Congregation

“A remarkable opportunity for the children...”

The Catskill Jazz Factory program is a remarkable opportunity for the children on the mountaintop. This really gives the kids a chance to connect things they have learned in the classroom with the outside world. Listening to live jazz - rather than on their iPods or YouTube - brings a broader sense of music and its possibilities directly into their world.  

— Shannon Hoyt, K-6 Music Department, Hunter-Tannersville School


The Catskill Jazz Factory engages, educates, and entertains! Musical presentations feature leading jazz artists,emerging artists and reflect a deep commitment to innovative ensembles. The Catskill Jazz Factory's ongoing initiatives also encompass artistic partnerships, residency activities, creating opportunities for students to participate in the artistic process while staying on this fantastic mountaintop!  

— Maggie Landis, owner of Krooked Café in Tannersville


“A big city program in a little town!”

Public Concerts, open rehearsals, master classes for the public, outreach programs for schools....we have a big city program in a little town! 

Angelo Mecca, 7-12 Music Department, Hunter-Tannersville School

“A forum to explore, expand and refine...”

The Catskill Jazz Factory provides us with a forum to explore, expand and refine our concepts...Our group will come away from the residency with a more developed sound and sense of identity. 

— Chris Pattishall, pianist

The Catskill Jazz Factory provided an once-in-a-lifetime experience for over 100 students in the Kingston City School District with a year-long artist residency, which culminated in a performance pairing students, educators and top notch jazz artists. It is my belief that programs like Catskill Jazz Factory that connect artists, educators, students, and community members are necessary to introduce and develop new audience members to jazz. The Catskill Jazz Factory is leading the way and my students thank CJF for letting us be a part.

— Dan Shaut, Kingston High School Jazz Ensemble Director

“You're building a base. You're building a family.”

With this type of program, what they’re [CJF] trying got cultivate isn’t necessarily a thing where you show up one summer, you’re there for a week, and then your name is on the back of the 2013 T-shirt and that’s it, you never hear from them again. They are trying to cultivate different performance opportunities here, really create a community in the sense that every musician that’s been through this program, you’re building a base. You’re building a family.

— Benny Benack III, trumpeter

“The potential to be a model...”

"The Catskill Jazz Factory has the potential to be a model, not just for jazz and not just for Tannersville, but an example to show what art and a community of people in collaboration can do for the betterment of the human spirit."

 -Aaron Diehl, 2011 American Pianists Association Cole Porter Fellow in Jazz & founding CJF Artistic Director