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AUG 8, 2019

The pastoral work of making sustainable jazz

[…] Catskill Jazz Factory, as you will learn below, can be accurately described as an organization with global ambition. But the grassroots, pastoral work of manufacturing jazz talent and an audience for it (for it is a “factory”) takes place at venues of all kinds right here in the Catskills and mid-Hudson: a sustainable jazz pilot study in an unlikely location. From our high theaters, colleges and clubs to any old ad hoc nook that will have it, there is nary a community center, library or church that they haven’t pressed into service as a temporary Blue Note at one time or another.

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JULY 3, 2019

Bard’s Spiegeltent to host Catskill Jazz Factory’s “Singers & Songbooks” series

[…] All of which is to say that Bard College’s long-running, fruitful collaboration with the Catskill Jazz Factory (CJF) is the natural culmination of a cultural recognition many decades in the making. Jazz is high. Kneel to it.

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